The Concrete Issues

District Safety - Ending the Gun Violence

Wyandotte County suffers from gun violence, but Topeka is oblivious and the unacceptable status quo continues. Voting for Landon will send the message that things must change. He will be a voice pushing for state attention and resources, while providing political direction on what our priorities must be. 

District Competitiveness - Reforming our Taxes

It's our poorly kept secret: Kansas is a high tax state.

Our sales tax on grocery items is the second-highest in the nation, with only Mississippi charging its residents more. This regressive tax costs all our residents an average of $650 a year. The 31st, located along the state line, allows our residents the choice of shopping elsewhere, but that puts our district businesses at a disadvantage.

Our rising property values are a positive, but they have the chance of pricing longtime residents out. Our neighbors across the state line were hit with huge property tax reevaluations in 2019, many levied sight unseen. Tax policy falls under the House and I will always fight to ensure our taxes remain fair, balanced and reasonable, fighting to expand Homestead exemptions if needed.

Electoral Access

Voting is so vital to the health of our democratic institutions and the responsiveness of our government. I will always push for policies to make voting more accessible and less intrusive. Automatic registration when dealing with the state should be the norm and absentee/mail ballots should be scaled up, especially in our current public health crisis. If you have any questions about registering or requesting a mail ballot, please reach out to the campaign or check our Facebook page for up-to-date links!