Meet Landon

Your Neighbor

Landon Griffith has lived in Rosedale, Kansas since graduating from the University of Michigan. He works in the aviation division of an energy company with substantial operations here in both Wyandotte and Johnson counties. After graduating with his MBA from the University of Kansas, Landon purchased his first home in Spring Valley, in the southeast of Wyandotte county. Wanting to learn more about who represented us, Landon found that our House district has a long history of uncontested elections, with only a single candidate on the ballot during the last three races.


Uncontested elections are never good for a district, regardless of your political positions. The incumbent party inevitably grows complacent, while the opposition party writes the district off. That is what has happened to our 31st district. Our county is run by the Democratic party at all levels, while the State House is ruled by a Republican majority, where our voices are currently not heard. Landon decided to run to ensure that we have an open debate about the condition of our district and what we can do to protect and improve it. When elected, Landon will be a strong and independent voice for the 31st, working within the majority party to get us the results we need in the areas of community safety, competitiveness and electoral access.

Why Landon for the 31st?

A vote for Landon isn't just a simple vote for change. It's a chance to make a splash. Electing Landon will change the Republican party for the better and remind the Democratic party that they cannot take our votes for granted. Electing Landon will send a Representative who is about 30 years younger than the average age in our legislature, providing a new perspective in an institution that needs some fresh thinking. Our district is unique; elect a Representative who lives up to our ideals and will make our unique voice heard.